North Yorkshire
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IMG_2113All Saints parish church is in the small village of Cawood, North Yorkshire, 4 miles north of Selby and 10 miles south of the City of York.


The dedication – to All Saints – is frequently encountered in this area of Yorkshire: indeed, both of the other churches in the benefice, at Wistow and Ryther, are also dedicated to All Saints.  This may be the result of a typically canny Yorkshire desire to hedge one’s bets (rather than trusting to the patronage of just one or two selected saints)!  More positively, it represents a conviction that all, whether celebrated or obscure, whether great or small, are precious and holy in God’s sight, and welcome in his house.


In that spirit, we welcome all who wish to visit our church, whether to attend a service or to experience for themselves in a moment of quietness its atmosphere of prayer, praise and peace, built up over many centuries of worship.  The church is usually open from around 9:00 am until dusk, throughout the year, and details of our services can be found here.

Our Address is

All Saints Church, Church End,  Cawood.  YO8 3SN